Kente Type 2.5" x 10 yd. Wired Ribbon Roll -FREE SHIPPING!! -

Kente Type 2.5″ x 10 yd. Wired Ribbon Roll -FREE SHIPPING!!


Presenting Brand New, 2.5″ wide x 10 yards roll of Wired Kente Type Starched Cotton Ribbon that most certainly will brighten up your Projects and celebrations even more.



After many  hours of manufacturing, this brightly colored Kente-Type ribbon finally emerged. Therefore, we are able to present this ribbon for sale to you our valuable customers.  It is noteworthy that the colors won’t run or fade – (even when wet), resulting in longer fabric life! The ribbon holds shapes well and keeps them longer.  So, more time can be spent on new projects.  Customers can rely on your products even more.

Finally, please ensure to use caution with wire-type ribbon rolls.  The rolls contain two tough wire edges housed in black thread which may produce sharp ends. This could lead to minimal injuries or scratches if not handled with caution.  Hence we suggest adult supervision  during crafting.  Above all, discard any wire trimmings immediately.

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