Family Crafting

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Crafting is a talent that is not given to all. My mother was a crafter, and really good at it too! Me? Not so much. I remember her using a children’s craft book and sitting with me at our kitchen table patiently showing me the pictures and helping me try to reproduce what I saw in various shapes in colorful paper. The end result was a sweet sense of accomplishment, though the finished product was, at best, adequate; however, the valuable one-on-one time with mom was what I truly enjoyed.

The years have flown by and, sadly, Mom isn’t here to cheer me on in the various projects I am working on to supplement our retirement income. But I think of her daily with a smile knowing that she would be in her element, enjoying every snip of the scissors and dollop from the glue gun! I miss her so much.

Today, I am blessed beyond comprehension to have a loving husband who is a talented crafter! He can do it all! He knits and crochets with my Mom’s old needles, he has sewn clothes on Mom’s old sewing machine, he even bought a knitting machine and has made sweaters and more hats and scarfs than I can count!

So my new crafting muse is always one step ahead of me working on a new project and/or helping me make massive amount of bows or sewing lanyards and other projects from our Kente Style Ribbon for our customers. Mom would be ecstatic if she were here.

But my “craft” happy place is creating graphics on the computer.

When I was a child, Mom and Dad opened a small print shop and as soon as I had learned to type in school, Dad taught me how to do “cut and paste” on an old light table. I took to it like a duck to water having a blast creating flyers, brochures, and forms for customers. That talent has served me well over the years (Thank you, M&D!), and, as you can imagine, when computers started to become a household item it was inevitable that I would wave goodbye to the old pica and elite typewriters and set my course to boundless opportunities that awaited me with new technology.

To be honest, I am not an “artist” per se; though I have some VERY talented friends that definitely deserve that title! I think I probably fall into the category of a “graphic designer.” I see a graphic need and the gears in my head start turning challenged to CREATE!

At Kente Ribbon And More, we listen to our customer’s needs and put our heads together to see how we can help. Whether it be a physical product or a digital graphic for someone’s DIY project, we find it a blessing a joy to meet those needs!

You can visit us at or or Stop by anytime, leave us a message, and let’s work together on your next project!







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