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Using The Down Time Responsibly.

It’s That Time Again!

‘That Slow Time’ of the year is almost over – Thank God! Soon we’ll be running to the mailing room night and day! & THAT is something to look forward to.

However, this ‘Down-time’ in our selling market, is a great opportunity to reflect on what we have left over from last sales period and what we should concentrate on for the coming “Fall Madness”! There are photos to be taken, unsold items to be updated or analyzed why they did not sell, not to mention the inevitable look at old inventory. As a shop, we turf nothing out, and do not believe in “Tossing It In The Trash!” There is a home for everything has always been our motto……Keep it out of the Landfill!

We’re hard at work planning for the whole Festive Season and that in itself has become a full time occupation.

Well, enough chit-chat and back to the grindstone. Make sure you enjoy the work, and as Red from the Red Green Show used to say:- “Remember, we’re in this together!”

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My Blog

Welcome to KRAM – The new Kente Ribbon And More Website.

We’ve improved browsing speed as well as easy navigation, because we know your time is very precious to you.

Yes, we do have new products as well as the old. We are also introducing a larger Digital Design Section. These immaculate designs are all designed by our very own designer:- Suzan Herbst.

We’d like to thank you for the huge sales volume using the old site. Here’s trusting that you will help us to double the sales this year. Remember Shipping Is Free! on all Items.

Kindly contact us with your requirements. We love customization and bulk orders.

We hope to see you on a regular basis at the new KRAM.